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How I file a Saw

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A recent customer asked if I would document the process of taking his old Disston D-8 (below) and share pics with him. I agreed and thought it would also make a great post. Iíll try to let the pics do the talking.

Before I can file and sharpen I needed to smith the saw to remove a bit of a kink and bow. To do this I keep pressure on the plate by bending it down on the anvil and use a specially modified hammer.


Matthew Cianci

With the plate true once more, I had to address the sway to the toothline. You can see the dip from the heel towards the toe. This is very common and not helpful in sawing. You want a straight toothline or a slight crown. This saw needs a good jointing before filing.

Jointing a saw is just like jointing a board. I use an 8 or 10 inch mill file.


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