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For the past few months I have been testing out a nice batch of hand-stitched rasps from Liogier.


This French company is Europe's largest producer of hand-stitched rasps and has been known for their outstanding work for decades.



You can read more about the company at their website.  Funny thing is that they are quite new to the American market, and most woodworkers have probably never heard of them.


One of the coolest things about ordering rasps from Liogier is that Noel Liogier himself will consult with you to customize your rasp and offer expertise on selecting the most appropriate tools for your style of work.

Then, he'll stitch the rasp to your specifications... just for you!  Not bad, huh? 


And this is just what Noel did for me...

He advised me to get three main rasps:

  • 12 inch Cabinet Maker in 6 grain

  • 8 inch Cabinet Maker in 11 grain

  • 7 inch Modeler's in 13 grain

He also suggested a riffler (more about that little wonder later).  Let's look at each rasp individually.


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