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When I first received my new riffler from Noel Liogier, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.




I’ve never used one before and have no idea where they could be handy. As I held the tool for the first time, it seemed so tiny… almost too delicate to be useful...

The form itself is quite unique. Think of it as a double-ended rasp in miniature.

On one end of the riffler is a straight tongue shaped with a taper… similar to a knife file, but cut with rasp teeth. The teeth are the same on both sides of the tongue and cut into the edge as well.

On the other end is another tongue, but this one is concave on one side and convex on the other… well… kind of like an actual tongue with rasp teeth on both sides. And just like the rest of the Liogier range, the teeth are hand-stitched.

So, much as I am often inclined to do, without a clue as what this tool could be used for, I turned to history to help me decipher its typical uses.


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