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Visit my blog: The SawWright Blog

My website:  The SawWright.com



My name is Matt and I am addicted to hand saws.  I love everything about them... the soft curves of an antique beech tote, the whip of a well tempered spring steel blade, the buzzing of freshly sharpened teeth zipping through wood... this is the stuff of my dreams!

The first time I sharpened and used a vintage hand saw was in 2002. It was a turn of the century Disston #68 dovetail saw... and I fell in love.  Since then, I've always incorporated hand saws into my woodworking, but mostly for joinery tasks.  Then, after a stint as a commission based part-time professional cabinet maker, in the summer of 2010 I decided to sell my table saw and dedicate myself to mastering every aspect of hand sawing, from restoring and sharpening, to ripping rough lumber and fine dovetailing. 

To chronicle my tale, I started The Saw Blog... a site dedicated to my affections for hand saws and hand sawing.  Since that time I've sharpened countless saws old and new, ripped endless boards, and cut many joints.  Along the way, I've made a bit of a name for myself thanks to the help of some notable wood celebrities like Chris Schwarz, Mark Harrell and our own Wiktor Kuc.

Now, I've started a business, The SawWright, where I offer complete sharpening and restoration services to hand saws old and new.  Much of my work comes from Mark Harrell of Bad Axe Toolworks, who refers many of his customers to my shop. 

So, I invite you to stop by The Saw Blog and share in my journey to bring hand saws back to their once dominant place in the woodshop.

Visit my blog: The Saw Blog
My website:  The SawWright.com



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