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  The Table Saw: Sharpening and Use 1 of 2  

I finally had a chance last weekend to finish up my new table saw and put it to use. You can read Part 1 here about its origins. The last steps in the process were to sharpen this strange little saw and put her to some wood.

To start, I clamped the saw in my vise and pondered how to go about sharpening the mixed teeth…

Mixed teeth??? What the heck are mixed teeth??? They are quite simply a mix of rip and crosscut teeth… some have fleam, and some don’t. It seems that there are straight rip teeth filed every seventh tooth, and that seventh tooth also has less rake just like a rip tooth.

The rest of the teeth appear to have 15 degrees of rake and about 12 to 15 degrees of fleam. And just in case you’re wondering, this is the patented and factory correct geometry.

So, I figured the simplest way to file the saw would be to file the rip teeth first, then file the crosscutters. The teeth were already well set, so I started by jointing the saw like any other and then filing away the flats on the rip teeth.

You can see that I filed the front and back of the rip tooth as well…

Next I filed the fleam to the left…

And finally the fleam to the right to finish it off….

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