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The Table Saw?


The debate over what the heck a table saw should be used for has raged for a while now.



I made one a while ago and have been using it around the house and in my shop since then, and whether or not I know what it was truly designed for, its proven to be very handy.

Yesterday I had an hour or so to build the carcase for a utility cabinet to go around the electrical panel in our basement. I hastily cut and nailed the box together with clear white pine and cut rose-head nails, but was stymied when the whole thing wouldn’t fit around the wires running into to the top of the panel. I needed to relieve the whole upper part of the carcase. Hmmm… a job for my table saw?

I hastily scribed a pencil line in a gentle arc that would give ample clearance for the wires and grabbed my table saw. I was able to track the line pretty easily. I would say this was the absolute limit of an arc this saw is able to cut. I think if I set the teeth and ground the blade further I could track a tighter curve.

Is this a table top? No. Is it a table, or scarf joint? No. Am I pruning on a gardeners table. No. But the saw worked like a charm in this instance… quick and easy.

After we figure out who killed JFK and how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop, maybe we can turn our attention to what the ‘table’ in table saw really means.

But until then, I’m just going to use mine like a narrow-bladed handsaw and use it however I dang well please.

July, 2013
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