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Choose your Goodell-Pratt Model of the Day by Kim Malmberg

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I have a great affection for hand drills. I own about 20 working models from mainly Goodell-Pratt and Millers Falls.


I really like the G-P hand drills. They are beautiful, and there's a sea of models to choose from. A very nice detail is that several G-P hand drill models are of the same size and were made with removable handles.

Meet my Goodell-Pratt family. All these models have detachable handles.

Top to bottom: Reciprocating hand drill no 656, hand drill no 110, hand drill no 49 and hand drill no 4. All three hand drills share the exact same body design, gear wheel, gear ratio and pinions.

The handles are grooved on the inside and secured against the body with tight threads which allows for a secure attachment. These drills tend to have well secured handles.

Twins separated at birth. G-P hand drill no 5 front and no 05 at the back. The only difference is the crank knob and the top handle. These share the frame with at least model no 4 which has a rosewood handle. The handle is secured to the frame by a bolt seated in the handle.

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