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Parallel-jawed Wrench in Finland by Kim Malmberg

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I'm a keen follower of the always insightful posts on  When I saw Wiktor's story about the wrench a light went on in my head.  I had seen this one before.  In fact I owned one strikingly similar to the one he writes about.

Long story short, Wiktor has kindly asked me to write about my own wrench. Well, I'm sorry to say I have little to offer regarding the intended use, the maker or when my wrench was made.

The one I have could be also just as well be French or German, as opposed to the Sheffield made that Wiktor had seen. My wrench doesn't display any maker's marks. It's stamped with either 20, 26 or 2C, but that's all. The stamp doesn't seem to be related to the width of the wrench as it is 46 mm wide open. It could also have been a later addition.

What I do know is that this type of wrench is described as a double jaw coach nut wrench, at least if the people at are to believe. The same site reports of similar wrenches made by Peugeot & Fréres as well as German ones.

My wrench has been in my family's possession since I was a child. My father who was never very keen on practical work used to reach for this wrench when he needed to open oil drums lids (

I don't know if this was an intended use for the wrench, but the rounded outer corners of the two jaws combined with the fact that the distance between the jaws can be adjusted, makes the wrench very useful for this particular purpose. But apart from that I think the wrench was mostly left idling in the small shed at our summer place in the Finnish archipelago.

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