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I have made frequent visits to just about every flea market and second hand store in my area for the last three years or so.

It can be hard work to spend hours finding nothing, but still I feel all the patience is rewarded when you find those special tools. They might not be valuable or pristine tools, but the stories they can tell can be just as rewarding.

My largest hand tool fetish are saws. I have been using them since I was a child and I have always liked hand sawing, even when I got into power tools. So saws are always welcomed to my home, even when sound judgment tells me I shouldn't bother.

I might end up with some hopeless cases, some entirely useless ones, but sometimes even if the saw is beyond salvation, it might still provide something very useful. It might be parts, it might help my research regarding certain saw makers or it might reveal something unexpected.

To me one of the biggest pleasures is finding an etch when I least expect it. I know we all know about special hardware etches or saws made for the large American department or hardware stores. And as much as I like those too, the ones I will focus on are etches with Finnish connections.

The Fennia saw

This saw was made by E. C. Atkins. It is the no 59 Reliable, with a Warranted Superior medallion and Sheffield Saw Works stated as the maker. The really interesting thing about this weak etch is that it is custom made for the Finnish market.

Clearly a Atkins made Warranted Superior saw, branded Sheffield Saw Works.

The etch reads:

CAST | The Finnish coat of arms | STEEL
No 59

Finland became independent in 1917 so I don't think the saw was made before that. And it probably wasn't made after WWII either. The age of this is saw is not that relevant anyway. What is interesting to me is that the saw was made in the US by Atkins but expressly for the Finnish market.

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