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Spot the Fake by Kim Malmberg

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I love hand saws. All of them. In any shape and size. Since woodworking in my case is merely an excuse for dealing with rust I tend to spend most of my shop time working on saws, rather than with them.

Where I live I can rarely find any decent saws. Most of them are badly beaten with ugly or broken handles and damaged saw plates. Which means I have a stack of donor saws where one can provide a plate and the other can provide a handle. And sometimes I make my own bastard saws from whichever parts are best suited.

I also both buy and sell tools. When I buy them I try to read the descriptions closely and study the images carefully. Still I realised that sometimes it can be almost impossible to say if a tool really is the real deal. Sure enough, once I receive the parcel I will know. But that might still be too late.

When I sell tools and especially a bastard saw I will make sure to describe the facts very clearly. Yet, if someone who buys my saw wants to resell it omitting my information, I am sure a buyer could be easily deceived, and to a higher cost.

So letís pretend I am a seller of hand tools on a world renowned online auction site. And letís pretend the images below are part of my deceitful description. Would you know which saw to buy and which to avoid? If you have seen my images before you might know the answer already. And of course you can browse the web and make comparisons. But would you really know what to look for? And are the images enough to spot the differences.

At the end of this story I will present the fakes. But before you find out, hereís a bunch of E. C. Atkins saws.

First up is an Atkins no 401. It is a 24 inch panel saw,
one of Atkins very finest models.

Second one is a Atkins no 64 with embossed apple handle.
A very nice saw very much designed like the Disston no 12.

Note the Atkins triple A on the handle.

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