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Rehabilitating a 200-year-old Jaeger Rifle: Conservation, Repair and Restoration

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As a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, I regularly do living history presentations to schools and youth groups.



As my ancestors during that war were Pennsylvania riflemen and gunmakers (Newhard, Kuntz and Moll), one of my classes is on the evolution of the long rifle from the original German Jaeger.

 Not owning a Jaeger, after a long search I purchased this percussion conversion in an internet auction as an inexpensive, rusted-out relic to pass around in class. Imagine my surprise to find this gem arrive in much better condition than I thought, so in addition to conservation efforts necessary for the piece to survive another 200 years, Iíve gone a step further to put it back into firing condition.

Iíll detail all those steps, but first a before and after preview:





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