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  8-Siding or Octagon Marking Gage by Bob Smalser 2 of 2  

To bring your octagon into a round, simply plane your 8-sides into 16 sides. This is easily done by eye without any additional marking. Then once you have 16 sides, you can use any spoke shave, block plane or smoothing plane to whittle those 16 sides into round followed by sanding.

Öor you can use use a spar plane (see my article) - to go from 8 sides to round in one passÖ

The beauty of spar planes is that with a sharp blade and straight grain, sanding isnít required at all.  And these 8-siding gages donít have to be crude like mine:

Boatbuilder Jon Etheredge sent me a pic of his shop-made marking gage, a copy of a rare beauty in the Mystic Seaport Museum, which I have filed away to make one on rainy winter day.

Bob Smalser
May, 2012.


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