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The Traditional Bowsaw

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Diego de Assis
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The bowsaw, also known as turning saw, is an old and versatile woodworking tool, especially useful in making curved cuts.  Nowadays, the jigsaw or the bandsaw substitute the bowsaw.

Its H shaped design and construction provides tension to the flexible blade.  It may be of different dimensions and widths.  The handles can turn, giving several positions to the blade, which allows to work in many directions.  This saw is easily adjusted and disassembled to change the blade.

The dimensions of this saw are as follows -   Handles: height: 31 cm. Blade length: 30 cm.  The blade has 18 teeth per inch.


This model was built from drawings of the traditional English saw.  Its a very popular saw, easy to reproduce, always with the tension string to control tension of the blade.  I chose to turn one pair of twin handles, although many references also show pairs of distinct handles (one smaller than the other).  I used Peroba-do-Campo (Paratecoma peroba), excellent wood for turning.

To mark precisely the pieces, Ive made a template with drawing of the sides.  All sides of the pieces, previously jointed, are marked.

Afterwards,  cut the mortise and tenon joints on the center rod and the sides.

After finishing these pieces, the sides are bored to receive handles.

In order to make a perpendicular hole with the bit brace I lean the chin against your hand.  This provides for firmer grip and a good view of work piece.

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