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Woodworking with Diego de Assis


Diego de Assis


Some of my wood and tool working.

Contact:  Diego


Diego de Assis was born in 1973 in Londrina, Parana.  He moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1989, currently living in Niteroi.

He is a designer, trained by the College of Industrial Design of the UFRJ.  In 1993, he established his first workshop, working regularly with individuals in the development of the design and the construction of furniture.

From 2003 through SENAI-RJ, he started activities as Woodworking Teacher of the social project “Usina da Cidadania”, sponsored by the Refinery of Manguinhos.  Since then, he has taught in various free courses, including teaching of technical drawing.  Along with other specialists he participated in drafting the reference documents for the courses of Woodsmanship and Guitar-making for SENAI-RJ.  In addition to these activities, he is working as a furniture designer.

Website: http://diegodeassis.wordpress.com



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