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Woodworking with Diego de Assis


Turning on a Circular Saw

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Diego de Assis



Besides straight, transversal or parallel cuts, the stationary Circular Saw can also turn pieces like disks and pegs.  It all depends on how to conduct the making to obtain these effects by using tools created at the workshop called fixtures or jigs.

Fixtures or jigs are tools that accommodate certain templates of cut, designed for specific machine.


Turning disks

To turn plates, disks and arched edges, tangent cuts are necessary.  The piece is moved around its axis and along of the bench saw as well.  What determine the disk curvature or the arch curvature is the distance between the axis and the saw blade, that is, the radius (r).

The piece axis can be a nail or screw, loose enough to move the piece.  The axis must be under the piece, absolutely perpendicular towards the base.  Otherwise, the piece will be eccentric.  At the stationery Circular Saw, the fixture must be fitted on the edge or on the parallel slots.

You can turn perfectly a bench seats, dishes, caps, etc. cutting the piece equally until the complete rotation at the final of the operation.

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