Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
with Bill Anderson


Learn how to identify, use, and repair wooden and metal joinery planes in this five hour instructional video that's...[Read More]
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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English Braces


Woodworking with P. Michael Henderson


Full-blind Dovetails by P. Michael Henderson

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An immediate question is which piece should be the pins and which the tails? Either way we go, we begin by cutting the piece with the rabbet. I chose to put the pins on that piece because I thought of it as a drawer front - where you wanted to dovetail the drawer sides into the drawer front and didn't want your dovetails to show. And on drawers, you always put the tails on the drawer side.

To get started, there are three dimensions that are needed in making this joint. It's nice to have three marking gauges but you can certainly do with one and just mark each dimension after you set the gauge.

The first I'll set is the distance of the rabbet. I'm going to use 3/16 inch but you could probably get by with 1/8 inch. You don't want it too small or you'll chop through it when chopping out the sockets.

Scribe across the piece that will have the rabbet. In this case, it will be the pins piece.

Then scribe the end of that same piece to mark the depth of the rabbet.

Take your marks around the sides.

Then mark the end of the other piece of wood, the tails piece in this tutorial.

Then set the marking gauge to the thickness of the wood. I'm using three marking gauges but you can do it with one.

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Plow Planes


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