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Iím a retired electrical engineer, having retired a few years ago.  Iíve been interested in woodworking since taking shop classes in high school and decided that I would learn and do woodworking as a hobby in retirement.

While Iíve done some turning, I enjoy making furniture more and have focused primarily in that direction.  I generally design the furniture I build, although I have built one 18th century chest that is a loose reproduction of a chest made by John Townsend of Newport, RI in 1765.  I enjoy the challenge of building chairs and have built a number of them, including a couple of rocking chairs.

Iíve always been interested in veneer work and have made a number of projects using veneer, including a table and several serving trays.  I continue to develop my expertise in veneer work, especially the decorative aspects of veneer work Ė including various parquetry techniques and sand shading.  As Iíve developed my woodworking skills, Iíve enjoyed sharing what Iíve learned with other woodworkers.

While I enjoy the design and construction of furniture, I also enjoy the friends Iíve made along the way.  Woodworkers are a great bunch of people who are more than willing to share what they know and to provide all kinds of help. 

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