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Making an Offset Mallet by P. Michael Henderson

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Here's an interesting turning project which results in a useful wooden mallet. 

Start with a block of wood that's significantly larger than the mallet head you want. I used poplar here because I have to have samples of the steps along the way so I chose a cheap wood. For a real mallet, use a better wood than poplar.

Note that I've squared the ends - cut them off on the miter saw really - then used the ends to draw a line along one side in the middle of the block. I've taken the line down both faces. Then, mark the center on each end, and along the top of the block.

On each side of the center mark on each end, I put two additional marks. These will be your offset centers.

I spaced them 5/16" from the center but 1/4" will do. The more the offset, the more "bent" the mallet will be.

Then drill a hole through the top of the block. I think I used a 3/4" drill but 7/8" would be okay, also. This is where your handle will go.

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