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Cabinet for Marquetry Trays - part 2

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Here's a picture of the back of the case with finish applied. Mahogany darkens with age. Within a fairly short time, the frame will be the same color as the panels. I'll put the back in a safe place until the rest of the case is finished.

I decided to work on the base next. The cabinet is going to have doors on it, so the base has to be made to take that into account - mainly by having the front of the base protrude far enough so that when the doors are closed, the base is even all around.

The doors will be 3/4" thick so I have to move the front of the base out 3/4". I did that by gluing a piece of 3/4" stock to the material I'm using for the base. Actually, I would have only had to do this for the front piece but decided to do it for the sides, also. This gives more support for the case.

I'm putting a profile on the top of the base boards. This is what the profile looks like.

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