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Cabinet for Marquetry Trays - part 3

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This is a continuation of the build of the cabinet for the marquetry trays and covers the making of the marquetry for the front of the cabinet.

I'm making progress on the marquetry design. I'm not finished yet, but I have enough to be able to lay out the front of the cabinet.

Here's a picture of the front with the design in its approximate place. The field will be a 16 piece radial match of wenge, with banding of tulip wood and holly. The border will be mahogany. The border will be about 4" on the sides and about 3 3/8" at the top and bottom.

For anyone who's interested, here's the design. I'm finished drawing it (except for some minor revisions) and now I'm numbering it. I sometimes miss numbering a piece and have to add the number when I'm cutting the pieces out.

I had planned to make all the roses white, but my wife is now telling me to make the roses different colors. I'll have to see what she comes up with as far as colors are concerned.

I have the design pretty much finished and have copied the original drawing. I made two copies, one will be glued to the packet and the other will be used to orient the pieces when I'm putting the design together.

I copy the original drawing on my scanner so I only get a letter size "piece" of the drawing. I then have to put the pieces together to make the complete image. I probably should take the original drawing somewhere and pay for them to make some full size copies - it'd be a lot less work.

I also put the background together - 16 pieces of wenge laid in a radial match. A lot of the wenge will be cut away by the design but I wanted the pieces left to be pointing to the center. I thought that looked better than just laying it vertically or horizontally. Here's the radial match before trimming.

And here it is after trimming (you're looking at the glue face). The required size is 22 1/2" by 16 7/8" so I went about an inch larger in both dimensions. After everything is put together, I'll trim to size.

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