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Cabinet for Marquetry Trays - part 4

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Next I worked on preparing for the glue up. Since there are three doors that make up this glue-up, I need to construct something that will hold the doors in place during the press.

I start by cutting a piece of plywood larger than the three doors.

Since this will go into a vacuum bag, I like to smooth any sharp edges.

Then, I covered the plywood with plastic. The reason for doing that is to make sure any glue that squeezes out does not glue a door to the plywood.

Viewing the plywood from the back.

Here are the doors laid on the plywood.

I need to space the doors the same as they were on the cabinet, and make sure they don't get glued together by any squeeze out. To do this, I put blue tape on the faces, and build it up to get the same spacing.

I made some blocks, 1/2" thick, to use to hold the doors in place. It's important that the blocks be thinner than the doors so that there's no risk of them holding the caul off the doors.

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