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Secret Miter Dovetails by P. Michael Henderson

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I next lay out my wood. Here, the two pieces I have were cut together so I can match the grain. I've labeled the pieces to indicate the inside and the outside.

Using the first marking gauge, the one with the thickness of the wood, scribe lines on the inside of each piece.

Take the scribe lines around the sides, but not on the outside face.

Now, take the 3/16 inch marking gauge and scribe a line
on the inside face of each piece.

Using the same marking gauge, scribe a line on the end of each board, off the outside. This marks the rabbet that we need to cut on the end of each board.

Take the scribe line around the sides, just to outline the rabbet.

The problem is how to cut this rabbet easily and accurately. I have a Kapex miter saw and the Kapex can be adjusted to not cut all the way through a board. Using some scrap I adjusted the Kapex so that it would leave the 3/16 at the bottom of the rabbet.

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