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Stanley 55 Walnut Box

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I recently asked the OldTools list if anyone had already made a container for their #55 Stanley plane. I wanted to make one, and it would have been nice to start with a plan.

No one responded, so I tried to make one of my own design, and it is a workable piece.

The first picture shows the finished box with the number 55 in a box surrounding the number. I hand carved this in the front of the box to give it some visual interest.


Notice that I used splines in the miter joints. The splines are ash as I wanted a good color contrast with the walnut.  The box has a sliding door on top to allow access to the plane inside.

My first mistake was in the size of the box. I had intended to make it large enough to store the plane fully assembled. The assembled tool was a half inch too tall to fit in the box. So I tried a partial assembly, shown in the next picture. I decided that I did not like this configuration.

My final method of storing the plane is with the major parts unassembled. This way they all fit neatly on the bottom of the box. (See next picture)

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