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Tips from Old Millrat - James D. Thompson


Fairy Carved on Teak Platter


Recently my wife found three 12 diameter teak platters at her favorite thrift store and bought them for me.  She knows that I prefer to carve on stuff that is already turned rather than having to turn it myself.

She asked me to carve a fairy on one of the platters just for her.  So that was my first project of the three.  I looked on the internet for a pattern and found one that would work.  There were a lot of fairy pictures but only a few would lend themselves to a carving.

Here is a picture of the platter I used for this project, as found in the thrift store. I believe that it had been used for serving and carving meat.  I scraped and sanded out all the imperfections.

Then I glued my pattern onto the platter so I could woodburn through it and have my pattern on the wood.

Now the actual carving begins.

First I had to rough out the background and give some shape to the figure.  Then I was ready to start on the wings.

The wings were primarily an exercise in wild colors.  I used several different types of colors, ink dyes, paint, colored pencils, and analine dyes.

James D. Thompson
October, 2009


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