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Another Gourd...

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Transforming a gourd

This is a gourd, about 8" in diameter and 6" high. I have laid out a geometric pattern using only radii, woodburned the pattern, then textured the surface in preparation for a wild paint job. I want this entire piece to look like a turned hollow form.

I will turn a base and a finial for the top when all the other work is done. Near the bottom left you can see a green and a copper area. These are powdered metals that I want to incorporate in this kind of work. This is my first try with these. The 2 brownish areas near the middle are sawdust from my bandsaw which I glued on for a different texture.

Here is a close up picture of the texturing. I used a different tool for each different texture. It took about 8 hours to get this far.

I painted all the textured surfaces using a poly coat scheme. Each of the colors is at least 2 colors, sometimes 3. I turned a base and a finial for it and ebonized them with India ink. The finial can be removed.

Top view of this gourd. After the painting was completed I had to go back and burn all the lines again because I had obscured them with paint.

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