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I have been intending to post pictures of my carving devices for quite some time now, but could never get motivated to do it. Today is the


The first of the 4 pictures is of my old original knuckle (for want of a better term) made of pipe pieces and 3/4" round stock.






Then my new machined knuckle which is almost a work of art.  I didn't do the machining. I did do the welding.






Then I finally took pictures of my home made roll around carving stand.

One picture shows it with a swivel vise attached, and the other shows it with another knuckle made of pipe and such.






This allows me to take my carving anywhere and be able to hold it.


My stationary carving stand is a fixture from a dentist's office which used to hold drills and suchlike.  It is very heavy and it articulates so I can get my work into almost any position, and I can work sitting or standing.

I have so much stuff piled around it that you can't really tell anything from a picture.  I'll try to clean up and get a picture soon.

August 17, 2005



Stanley Chisels


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