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Making a Fine Chisel Handle

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I have written a couple of tutorials on making a chisel handle. But I finally realized that none was really comprehensive.



This time I have taken the process step by step so that most anyone can follow it.

First we start out with a piece of wood in a lathe. I use an existing handle to give me n idea of just how big I want the new handle to be. This handle is going on to a big chisel, so I want it to be big enough.

I am going to use a Schlagring on the butt of the chisel, and I want you to understand the process. In this instance I am using a 1 compression fitting.

In order for the compression fitting to go onto the butt of the handle, I need to remove the shoulder just behind the threads. You could file it off, but I use a Foredom tool with a 1/4 carbide cutter. It takes off the shoulder without damaging the threads.

Now you must measure the small diameter of the threads.

I add .020 to the measurement and turn the part that will thread to that diameter.

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