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Tips from Old Millrat - James D. Thompson


Making Pins for Drawboring



After the recent discussion of drawbore pins, I decided to look in my drawer and see
what I had to work with.



I found 2 taper punches, one a Craftsman, the other a Stanley.  I had received 3 fine boxwood handles as part of my Galootaclaus gift, so I was good to go.

 I used my lathe to bore the holes in the handles so I would get them nice and straight.

I burned in the square shank, but the octagonal shank didn't need burning.  It slipped tight in.  I secured both by adding some SA glue.

Here we are with the finished product. The taper on the upper tool starts at 5/32" and goes up to 3/8". The lower one is the same, but it goes up to 1/2". I ground both ends to a point to make life easier.

James D. Thompson
The Old Millrat in Riverside, CA

April, 2012

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