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Gnome Home

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This is a Gnome Home, built for the garden Gnomes who inhabit my backyard.  I provided the materials and the Gnomes did all the work.

Gnomes are trained in various specialties.  Some are carpenters, some are wood carvers, some are stone masons, brick masons, stained glass artisans, painters, and mosaic tile workers, to mention only a few of the crafts required to construct a really nice Gnome Home.


Rotated 90 degrees, showing the various different types of wall construction.

The back side.  The rectangular box sticking out is for storage inside the Home.  The Gnomes keep their stuff in there.  The base and the material just above it are covered with quick set cement, the tile setting stuff.  The quickset is painted with dabs of black, silver, and gold paints, then after these are dry, the entire surface is painted with green opal glaze.  This gives the effect of mortar and stone.

90 degrees more.

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