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Making a Hammer Handle

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Recently I needed to make a hammer handle and thought that maybe someone else might like to know how.

I start by measuring the hole in the hammer head in both directions..

Then I cut the end of suitable piece of wood to a rectangle with those dimensions. Then I shape the end to fit into the hole.

My primary tools for doing all the work on a handle are a sharp rasp and a sharp bastard file.

Once the end of the handle will fit into the hammer head, I mark the shape of the neck of the handle, as shown in the nest picture.

I shape the front and back first, then mark the sides and shape them. At this point the handle is still rectangular. Donít try to get the oval shape until the rectangular shape is correct.

Mark and then rasp to shape.

The next picture shows what you will have now.

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.
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