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Inside-Out Ornament

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I am in the process of learning how to make ornaments using the “Inside-out“ method.  This is the first piece that I have managed to actually finish without ruining it at some stage.

This is easier to explain with pictures. First here is a picture of a completed ornament.

Start by cutting pieces of wood into perfectly square ¾” strips. Usually 2 contrasting woods are used. The pieces can be as long as you like. Three inches long works well for a first piece.

These are glued together and then cut so that four pieces are finally glued together. It is important to glue only a very small amount at each end of the pieces so that they can be separated later.

It is important that the 4 corners come together as close as possible. Then drill the centers and mount it in the lathe.

I found that a cup center is better because a point center tends to split the joints when pressure is applied.

Then turn a pattern that you like. Anything will do. Be sure to sand this smooth now. After the piece is turned inside out it is too late. 

Here is another picture of the first part of the turning.

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