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My Mallets in Russia

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A while back I got an email from the assistant editor of the Russian woodcarving magazine in Moscow, asking for permission to take information about my mallets to use in an article they wanted to publish. I gave permission and asked for a copy of the magazine. I just received my copy.

I took my copy to a store to have it scanned so I could send Wiktor a copy, but they refused to scan it citing copyright laws. I pointed out that it was my copyright, but to no avail. I wound up shooting pictures of the whole thing on my very old copy stand.

I should mention that I have not seen any other magazine on woodcarving that is so comprehensive and instructive as this one. I understand that the Moscow woodcarving school is a school where they train professional woodcarvers, whereas western woodcarvers are mostly amateur.

Here is a picture of the cover.

The article is a 2 page spread, so I took a picture of each of the pages. The right page has my article. Here is the left page. Itís all about mallets.

My information is in the 2 right columns of the following page.

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