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Hangers for Xmas Tree Ornaments

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I have been making Xmas tree ornaments this year on my lathe, but I was having trouble finding the kind of small eyelets and hangers I wanted.  Then I remembered an old trick.  I used small copper wire and twisted it to my own specifications.

Hooray!  I got exactly what I wanted.

Start with some thin wire strands taken from a larger insulated wire.  These need to be about 4 long.

Bend roughly in half and twist the ends together with your fingers.

The twisted end is going to go into your drill chuck.  Now twist the second piece of wire exactly like the first one, but connect it with the first one.


Now put the twisted end of one piece into the drill chuck.  Put a nail or other round object into the loop and twist with the drill while holding the nail in your fingers.

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