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Turning Wood Oyster Box

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I recently learned how to make an oyster shaped box on the lathe.  I used Silky Oak for this demonstration.  Here’s a step by step version of how:  Make a cylinder about 6 to 7 inches long and about 3 to 4 inches in diameter, as shown in the next picture.

Approximately in the center of this cylinder, cut a groove about ¼” deep and about 3/8” wide. See next picture.

Then cut another groove near one side of this groove. As shown.

The spigot on the left will slip into a bell that you will cut into the piece on the right.  The tiny spigot that remains on this piece will serve as a reference for the size of the bell that you will cut into it.

Now I cut the ends to fit into my chuck. You could also use a pair of jam chucks and glue the pieces into them.  Now you can take the entire piece out of the lathe and cut it through the remainder in the middle. You could also part it off if you want. 

Now put the piece with the spigot back into the lathe.

As you can see, it has the spigot facing out.

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