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Perfect Handle Tool Repair

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After making new scales for several Perfect Handle tools, I decided to make this tutorial so those with less experience can do it.  It is relatively easy, and it is a wonderful woodworking experience.  After reading this you can do it too.

The wood I used for this screwdriver is beautiful Ironwood from Mexico.  The first thing to do is remove the old scales from the tool, Scales are the wooden parts of the handle.

If you found a tool which has no scales you will have to skip this. I remove them by grinding off the rivet heads.


Measure the piece at the thickest part, as shown in the next picture. If you donít have an old scale, just make the new piece a half inch thick. I make mine even a little thicker because I can always remove more material, but I canít add any.

I then cut some pieces of the wood I intend to use. These pieces need to be bigger than the finished piece will be.

Now I can mark the pieces. I use a felt tipped pen to mark them, and I cut outside the lines.

Cut out the pieces, and then make them exactly as long as the top of the opening in the tool.

You will now need to cut the bevel on one end, and then on the other. This is the most critical part of this whole job. If you cut too much off the piece will not fit well, and it will not look good.

This tool has only a pair of sharp edges sticking up. Some have more than that and will need to be carved to fit. It is necessary to put the piece of wood into the tool and hold it straight while you smash a mark into the wood.

I marked one end first then carefully trimmed the bevel on the other end so it would fit pretty close.

Then I smashed the piece again to mark the other end. Then I carved out just enough for the scale to lay flat on the tool.

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