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Esteemed Galooterati:

Recently I saw something I should have thought of long ago. I just finished making mine.  It is a photo backdrop made from a pull down window shade and some PVC pipe and a few fittings. 

I have less than $10 invested in this little wonder, and I can highly recommend it to everyone who takes pictures of small objects, including tools.


This one uses  pieces of PVC that are all cut to 24". I glued the fittings I don't want to come apart, and sanded the ends of the pipes that I will want to assemble and disassemble.

A plain white background puts all the attention of the viewer on the object, and almost any light source is good enough. I can't say enough good things about this little thing. I store it in an old photo tripod bag when it is not in use.

I took a picture of a new tool, galoot made of course, that I just finished making, using the new backdrop.  As you will see a piece that is 27" long is too big for the backdrop. But most small stuff will work just fine. (Scott Grandstaff! You listening??)

At my last woodturner's club meeting I saw a tool that is used for hollowing small bowls and vases on the lathe.  The tool is used through a hole just a little bigger than the diameter of the tool. I recall that the price of that tool was horrendous.

So what is a galoot to do? Make his own of course!

So I proceeded to do just that. Some grinding, filing, drilling and tapping, and a little silver solder, turn a handle on the lathe, and voila! Expensive tool at a galoot price!  It uses a ground down 1/4" HSS tool bit for a cutter, and the cutter is held in by set screws.

August 11, 2005


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