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A Rust Removing Saw Scraper



It is a little late in the game
for me, but some of you
might benefit from my
latest discovery.



I thought I was not going to take home any more saws, but inevitably, a couple more followed me home.

So the other day I scraped and fine sanded another one, a #12, a model which I just can't seem to leave behind.  The rust was very difficult to scrape and I re-sharpened my scraper several times.  It still took about an hour of hard work to get the show side of the blade looking reasonable.

Now I am getting old and weak, and I can't expend that kind of effort if there is any other way.  So I went into the shop and found a lathe scraper, bought from Rockler, which has a square shaped carbide insert on the end. I tried it, and it was like a minor miracle. The rust just scraped off with a lot less effort, and the tool didn't get dull.

Great!  But I am not going to give up my $50 carbide scraper to make it a rust scraper. 

I talked to my machinist buddy who made me a scraper much like the store bought tool. It is a piece of 1/2" round stock which he milled a flat on, then drilled and tapped a screw hole to attach a clamp which holds the carbide. The carbide is just a scrap which he ground on 4 sides to give me 4 cutting edges.

I just tried this tool on an old D7, and I was amazed at how well it worked.

I scraped off all the rust on this side of the saw in less than 2 minutes.
It has not been sanded.

Close-up of business end. A square piece of carbide clamped to a holder.

The Old Millrat,
who knows that he is old too soon, and smart too late.
April, 2013

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