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Cabinet Scrapers Storage Box


Here is a simple little hand made box to hold your cabinet scrapers. One of the OldTools list members mentioned having made one recently, and it sounded like a great idea.

I made mine from a cut off piece of purple heart wood that was going in the trash if I couldn’t find a use for it.

I simply cut kerfs about an inch deep long ways in the piece which was 1 3/4” thick to begin with. The piece is about a half inch longer that the scrapers so I can stagger them for easy access. The kerfs are a little less than a quarter of an inch apart.

When the main piece was cut, I made two pieces to close the ends. Then I rounded over the corners.

I made this holder to hold 12 scrapers. But you could make yours to hold as many or as few as you like.  The advantage of this little holder is that the scrapers don’t dull themselves in a drawer while they are not being used.

This is a very simple, cheap, and effective way to protect your scrapers, and be able to find them when they are needed.

Jim Thompson
the old Millrat in Riverside, CA.

October 2006




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