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Sharpening a Tap



It is a simple matter to sharpen a tap. You donít have to throw a tap away just because it has gotten dull. Here is how to do it.

Look at the end of your tap. You will see that there are threads and gullets cut into what was originally a solid round piece.

The gullets are there to allow clearance for the chips that the tap cuts, and they provide the sharp edge which does the cutting.

The relief near the end of the tap is where the tap does its cutting, in the tapered part of the tap. This is the only part that needs to be sharp.

You need to obtain or dress a round mounted stone to fit into the relief gullet. In the picture below you can see that my stone is properly sized.

Use a die grinder or Dremel tool to remove material at the cutting edge of your tap.

When it is sharp it should look like this:

Notice that all the grinding was done on what you see here as the lower right edge. This is the part of the tap that cuts and needs to be sharp. You donít have to grind the entire gullet.

September, 2009

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