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Couple of Projects


I have been working on a couple of things off and on for a couple of months now. One is my 20" diameter tabletop carving of flowers in a naturalistic style, and the other is a "Bullet Proof" toy box for my Pit Bull dog.

She has a collection of toys that has grown to too many, and there has to be a place to store them.  This has to look reasonably civilized because it sits near the TV in the living room.  The basket that has served this purpose is getting bedraggled because she will occasionally decide that the basket looks like fun to chew on.  Her toys are a substitute for my shoes, which she is quite fond of grabbing and carrying around.  She doesn't hurt them, she just wants to play chase. I prefer that she play chase with the toys.

Whatever material I decided to make her toy box from had to be nearly indestructible.  (I considered a steel fabrication, but the wife shot that idea down. :>))

I used oak with mortise and tendon joinery and tongue and groove panels.  I turned balls on top of the stiles so she would have something easy to grab. :>) I can always chop these off later if need be.  It has a BLO finish, although I doubt that anything could hurt her stomach.

My wife wanted a dovetailed box, but I decided against that because of potential damage.

Then there is the table top. You might remember that I did one in a rectangle with a geometric pattern a while back.  This one is round, and round is a real pain to execute. Maybe in another month I will have pictures of the finished table.

James Thompson
July 2007


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