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Tips from Old Millrat - James D. Thompson


Making a Thin Lathe Skew



All the skews I have bought
have been at least 1/4 thick.



I thought I was sharpening them correctly, but obviously, I was not. I recently came across a thin skew, and it changed my life.

I decided to make one. I used a piece of High Speed Steel power hacksaw blade, It is about 1 wide and 3/32' thick. I cut piece about 6 long and ground off the teeth.

 Then I ground a tang on one end and a cutting edge on the other end.

The tang only needs to be about 2 long.

I made a lathe tool handle and bored a 7/16 diameter hole so I wouldn't have to do a lot of burning in of the tang.

To fill the voids on either side of the tang, I cut a piece of dowel in half longwise and fitted it.

This is the finished tool.

And this is how it works. I really love my thin skew!

James D. Thompson
The Old Millrat in Riverside, CA

, 2013

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