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Ah, Scottie!   I don't even have to watch TV to get pissed at the power tool makers.  

A short while back I wore out a 20 year old attachment to a tailed devil that I use a lot.  I ordered a new one, and I was shocked as the cost was astronomical, but I paid it because I really liked that tool.

Now I only use the tool maybe once a week or even less, but guess how long the attachment lasted this time?  Just long enough that I couldn't take it back because the one year warranty had expired.

Looking into this a little further I noticed that all new tools by this venerable and highly respected tool maker are now being made in Mexico.

I absolutely refuse to buy any power tool made there or in China, but my choices are down to one, if I am reading labels correctly.  I have bought a couple of excellent tools from Germany, but they were very pricey.  A little over $500 for 2 one-hand tools.

It looks more and more like hand tools are the only way to go, and since I not longer have to use the electron consuming demons to earn a living, I am swearing off.

I am thinking seriously about one of those battery operated little saws though.  I might need to cut off a half inch dowel. I saw how they do that in a TV commercial, and I wouldn't want to dull one of my beautiful hand saws. :>)

James D. Thompson
Old Millrat in Riverside, CA
anuary, 2007


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