Tips from Old Millrat - James D. Thompson


Wheels from Cereal Boxes


I made a couple of wheels from cereal boxes just to see how they worked. Well, they work better than nothing, but not as well as a felt wheel.

I also made up several MDF wheels with different radii on then outside edges for honing the inside of my carving tools. These also work. Also made flat edge wheels for chisels and plane blades.

But eventually I made up a leather wheel made of discs of leather. This put an end to all the MDF wheels. When I got my felt wheel, that put an end to the other wheels for honing. I have tried just about every sharpening method out there, and I have settled on the felt wheel and the leather wheel. The 2 wheels on one shaft solve 99% of my sharpening problems, and they do it quickly.

The other methods do work, they just don't work as well as this method.

It is kind of like the difference between a Ford Escort and a Rolls Royce.

They both get you where you want to go.

Jim Thompson, the old Millrat in Riverside, CA.
February, 2006


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