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Set of saws


Ah, Laddie, have ye learned nothin' from this list?

Every good galoot knows that you need at least one saw of each type, plus backups.

In the beginning I put together rip saws in tpi's from 4 1/2 up to 7, and CC saws from 7 to 12.  A saw which did not conform to the tpi I wanted just got retoothed.

And then I noticed that I found more saws that were simply too cool and too cheap to leave behind. And so, my saw collection grew. Now I have so many that I am quite careful to take home only outstanding specimens.

I have never left behind any back saw, but then I haven't found that many.

I have made several frame and bow saws.

But the enduring question is always, "Do I have enough saws?"

I don't think so. Not yet. Nope!

James D. Thompson

January, 2006




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