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Hi Galoots,

Well, somebody had to try it.  Or in other words, Impossible... just takes a little longer. :-)

And so ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado...

I give you... The world's first and only, fully functional...

Stanley #9 1/2 Rabbet Plane!!

Notice the decorative lever cap?

So, why was it so hard nobody ever pulled it off before?  Let me tell you, the clearance is so tight you have to open up the adjustable throat piece some just to get the blade in and out!

And here is the engineering it takes to let the blade into the plane at all. Clearance of nearly nothing.

yours, Scott

PS.  Don't expect a line of them for a nickel ninety eight released anytime soon :-)

May, 2008 in Happy Camp, CA
email:  Scott Grandstaff


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