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Do I Need an Anvil?


I can't believe what I'm reading and even less an answer or two given.  Where am I??  Is this still the porch?  Have I woken up from my lazy afternoon nap into some tool-less purgatory where I'll have to scream every minute until I die??

Of course you need an anvil!  Maybe it doesn't have to be a 230 lb Peter Wright in crispy mint perfect condition, unless you got it cheap and need to rub our noses in it over and over.  Or maybe it does.  But you got to have something regardless.

Soft steel "cluds" when you hit it in a most unsatisfying manner even if it's an inch and a half thick, not much better than the back porch steps.  Those little cast iron plates on the backside of vices are too small for much.

Huge caterpillar springs are better than nothing and free.  It's possible to make a passable surface out of the "ground engagement" steel they use on loader and cat cutting lips. 

This is about an inch thick minimum and super tough but you have to back that up with some mass as well. I welded a piece of it onto a length of railroad tie (also some hardness to it) with assorted gussets added that serves inside for light work

Oh, maybe you don't absolutely have to buy an anvil for one specific project or other.  But geeze, are we Galoots or smarmy little weenies here??  The anvil is where you swat stuff.  Hit stuff.  Make and break stuff. Pein rivets, cutoff over the hardy, straighten, bend, and MAN-IP-ULATE stuff. (ahhhrooof)

If you got no anvil you might as well throw 1/2 your hammers away and spend the rest of your life crying about the cruelties of life cause you can't do anything about it.

The very idea.

yours, Scott
in Happy Camp, CA
email:  Scott Grandstaff
January, 2007




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