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  How Sharp is Sharp... and what's next?  

Ahhh Wendy,...

But the difference between "I think it's pretty sharp", and, sh.....

Gawdamighty, I could cut my leg off if I'm not careful! I'm scared of this thing! These are hungry scalpels looking for a victim!!!

It's the difference between a kitchen knife edge that might do mediocre work (with some horsing and hacking) and a sushi chef's edge.

You stand back and watch yourself as it eases effortless though anything you put in front of it! Guiding the saw and watching you don't accidentally hit anything else is your job. The saw cuts by itself.

A-truly-sharp saw is a miracle unto itself. You'll see.  Here is the perfect saw for you. 5 bucks, no reserve.

OK, it has lousy shipping, somebody snapped off the nib (but it was there once) and knocked some wood off the top horn of the tote. Plus, no guarantee it's straight. You can wait for a better one if you want, but this exact size/pattern is what you're looking for, trust me.

Finding someone to sharpen for you will be a problem too. Nobody is ever going to get it as sharp as you can, they simply can't care enough. But you need someone to shape/even up the teeth and get you started now. The fine tune you'll have to learn to do for yourself as we've all struggled with, sorry.

Last time I was at the local builder's supply they had sawhorses at 2 for $20 or so. Home despot sells plastic about the same. Just lop the legs off soon as you get them home.

yours, Scott

July 2006, in Happy Camp, CA
email:  Scott Grandstaff


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