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Since there was some interest in my little bench last week, and even a request for more info... Well, never let it be said I missed a chance to ham it up in front of my friends!

The bench is just that.  A regular workbench in a small size. The top measures 3 1/2" X 9", but really, this is not that critical.  It would depend on the scale of work you were doing.  I once made one around 18" X 6" for a friend because his scale was larger.


Now, this bench has been down the road. It's around 15 years old now so any polish or smoothness it once had is long gone.  It's a used bench after all.  Plus I might have gained a little skill, I hope, since I made it.

I tried a lot of different ways to hold small work before I built it, and came back to tradition in the end.  As the pix show, I put it "up on a pedestal".  The column (roughly 2 1/2" square) brings the bench up close to my face when held in my regular bench vice.  If you look at the bottom you can see 2 wing looking things.  These are pads for me to put under my legs when sitting in a chair and it beats nothing for supporting the bench.  This way I can bring work into the house and play while watching TV or something if I want to.  It's really not quite as stable but for light work it's fine.


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