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A Tale of 5 Chisels and Their Box



I recently completed a job.  It was a fairly tough job, as much planning and being careful as the work itself.  A good job. 

One of our guys (hey Karl) had a set of chisels he needed help with.

They'd been his grandpas.  Only they were almost gone. It was a well used set of chisels that had suffered greatly from general honest use and then occasional negligent abuse in the following time.

Had the pits been much deeper or the box barely any worse at all, it couldn't have come back like this.

As it was, many tricks pulled out and some add ins and adjustments had to be made, but it's back.

I tried to keep the grandpa in the picture as strong as I could but also, slip a little something extra for future generations.  I know this isn't generally done in restoration to say nothing of conservation. 

But in this case the original fabric was so thin as to be nearly transparent.  So liberties had to be taken anyway and when you're going this far...

I know if something happens and it should fall into the hands of strangers down the road, dealers might be calling it "that schlock" or a road show appraiser trying to make the person feel bad about it for several reasons because it isn't "original" anymore.

The simple fact is, I don't work for them.  The man I worked for in this case wanted it this way and I heartily agreed.  Not a preservation of something that was all but gone, but the current generation stepping up and taking up the family reins and heading down the road in style and dignity once again. 

It will leave 2 owners marks on them in the end and the generations can-see-the tale with their own eyes as they hear the story.  Can't please all the people, but the ones with some vision, sometimes. :-)

Here is the box closed, all put back together and cleaned up (major, trust me).  That's grandpa Rookey's stamp, still clear and bright (not an easy save! heh).

Here it is opened. Notice the little turn-buttons keeping the racks closed and the chisels safe.

Here are the racks in use position. The same little buttons keep them open just enough for easy access.  Just set them underneath after they've been lifted.

yours, Scott
in Happy Camp, CA
email:  Scott Grandstaff



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