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  Oh sorry, rambling...  

You know, I have never drawn a plan in my life, for anything. Ever.

Rough idea/sketch, and I mean rough on the back of an envelope in 30 seconds Then look around to see what I have or can easy get, fit as I go.

Never even considered plans. Never followed anyone else's.

The lap-bench was built around an old chopping block surface I got off the top of a dead 70's dishwasher. My bench was built around a scrap of laboratory table from the mine.

Like I can decide what I want in advance and just go out and buy stuff????  Are you kidding?

I live in the boondocks with a very low standard of living and semi retired, so some time I have but, never, ever money. You wouldn't believe what I live on a year, if I told you. I got a letter from IRS one time that basically said, "If you can't do better than this don't bother sending us any kind of paperwork at all. You're just wasting our time, so cut it out. And beat it will ya?" 

But even before that, when I worked all the time you don't just go out and buy stuff when it's 3 hours by truck to the nearest dealer who might actually have wood in stock and even then it's mighty iffy they'll have what you really wanted.

Use what you got and make what you need or want" is my motto, since I have no choice anyway. Sows ear into silk purse is an everyday ordinary way of life for me, not anything special.

John Economaki of Bridge City is totally my hero. Ordinary factory work, so then he gets them to sign up in advance for anything he makes and then give a month's pay for some little doo-dad or other they're never going to use and will be about as valuable as Jim Beam ceramic "collectible" decanters from the 60's are now (around 2 dollars a train car load) as the years go by. Hide and wait/watch for yourself. The Beanie Babies of the tool world, and they line up to be fleeced for him by themselves! And in advance! I love this guy!!!

But..... Where do they get so much more money than sense? Oh sorry, rambling.  But, I'm going to try measuring and drawing plans for you guys.  Honest I will.

I need to anyway. I got a note from our friend Chris who said (roughly summarizing) "I can't print this. What do you mean scrounge from the town dump or the scrap yard and take other parts off something from a yard sale and make parts yourself from scratch? If they can't go out to Home Depot and buy everything they need off the shelf in a day and then follow exact plans like drones they'll howl like gunshot hound dogs."  So, I need the practice anyway, it seems.

yours, Scott

July 20, 2006, in Happy Camp, CA
email:  Scott Grandstaff


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